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June 21, 2011



Way to go! You did a great job! Love the color.


wow, thats awesome! The color he used goes so well! Love the eyes. Very cool

Kathy Hogan

What a beautiful drawing . She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with me. ♥
Kathy :-)


Art, including drawing....is so theraputic.....shows so much talent, hardwork and love with each line. Please continue drawing to share your gift!

Shirley Chalmers

Hi I think you son is a talented artist and Im sure if anyone can encourage him to keep at it, you will and hopefully enough people will give him the push to. Good luck. hugs Shirleyxxxx

Kathi Okrasa

Great job. Thank you for sharing with us.

Nate Evans

That's amazing! I miss ya'll!

Jessica G

Amazing artwork, well done! What a great piece to have for the 4th too!

Mo Manning

Great job on Lady Liberty! Keep drawing! Ask your mom for lots of paper and pencils, an artist needs to practice all the time. I hope to see more of your artwork! xoMo

Nichole Koonce

Perfect for the upcoming holiday! I can't wait to see what is next!


Nice work Devin!! Looks like you've found something you enjoy doing! Keep it up! :-)

Shan Gerstner

It looks great! Double Like!


OMG that is amazing !!!! I Love it he did such an amazing job! :)

Elaine L.

Love it! The color is perfect!

Nancy Mays

A great likeness of Ms. Liberty! Well done!


Love the perspective in the arms. And the drape of the fabric! Color-love it. So very lovely. His art is a joy!

Paul Osburn

Freedom indeed! Free to draw whatever you like. Great stuff Devin!

Amy - Blog Administrator

Thanks everyone! I showed the comments to Devin and he said "Mom I really must be talented after all!"


Great job - love this artwork. Congrats to your son on a wonderful job.


This is gorgeous, well done, Devin! Great colour! Thanks for sharing!


I know I can't draw that well, even at 36! Good job on our country's symbol of freedom. Keep on drawing and posting for all of us to see! Maybe you can teach some of us how to be better artists!

Tracy S

Your drawing is amazing it's better then anything I can do... I can't wait to see what's next keep them coming!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us that have none!!! :)


Great job on this drawing! It looks awesome!

Kindra Bronson

Hey Devin, this is Mimi's sissy Kinga, I wanted to tell you what a beautiful artwork. You did an amazing job on the drawing and the coloring is awesome!!! Way to go!!!


Amy tell your son I thought Lady Liberty looks awesome, the color was absolutely perfect and I love the touch he added by writing Freedom. Great Job! Happy 4th of July 2011

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